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My happy birthday dance 💃🏻 today I feel loved and thankful and happy and blessed! I’m such a lucky girl ❤️ so to celebrate here’s a dweeby dance 😁 Thankyou to everyone for your wishes and love and especially to my incredible online family who even started my website for me today !! My dearest friends in London with whom I can have a quiet and lovely birthday and my family and friends back home waiting for me. This year has been life changing in many ways and I’m so thankful for the phase of life I’m in !! I’m doing everything I ever wanted to in the way that I wanted to do it! I’m grateful for my work and the different type of work I do and I’m thankful for my support systems and the love they give me. I know now that though it takes time and sometimes the effort seems too much .. the life you want and the life you see in your mind is always yours to take and yours to make ! So this happy dance is from the inside ... not so graceful but fully real and 100 percent crazy 😜
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