Naga shourya's Aswathama released today worldwide. Movie's trailer revealed this would be a thriller and first of it's kind for Naga shourya. He also doubled up as the story writer for this movie with his mother producing the movie under their home production.

Naga shourya is residing in a foreign country and returns to India for her sister's engagement. Amid all the festivities, Story takes a turn with her trying to commit suicide.  She reveals she is pregnant but she has never had any affair. It is also revealed another girl commits suicide under similar circumstances.

Rest of the story is about How Shourya finds out the mystery and the circumstances he overcomes during his journey in unrvavelling the mystery.

Movie is out and out a crime story and the character sketches are un precendented with a lot of twists and turns along the way. Naga shourya's attempts to find the kingpin ofthe crime syndicate are worth watching and the sequences involving crime investigation are written very well.

Psycho and the Kingpin's flashback episode in the second half is good. Climax is on the predicted lines and could have beeen better.

Naga shourya emotes well in action sequences and he also succeeded as a story writer. Shourya's sister played by Sargun did justiceto her role. Jisu sen did well as the psycho.
Mehreen has a limited role as the love interest of Naga shourya. Prodcution values are good.

Rating : 3/5