Movie : Ruler
Director : K.S RaviKumar
Star Cast: Balakrishna, Sonal chauhan and vedika

Ruler , Balakrishna's 105th film released world wide today amid much expectations. K.s RaviKumar - Balakrishna combination is coming back for this movie after Simha. Sonal Chauhan and Vedika are roped in to play the heroine roles.


Jayasudha, A business women from Uttar Pradesh adopts Dharma whom she meets accidentally and forgets his past.She announces him as her heir. He is forced to stay away from uttar pradesh as Jayasudha has issues in the state with a Miister. Due to the turn of events , he is forced to go to the state and it is revealed he is a cop and rest of the story is how he deals with his enemies  and teaches them a lesson.


It is totally an action oriented movie tailor made for Balakrishna Balakrishna does the job well with his good dailogues and nicely choreographed action sequences to appease his fans.
He also looks younger and has worked hard towards it.

KS Ravi Kumar has handled the story and narration well through out the movie and has scucceded keeping the audience interested. 

First half is lethargic and does not evoke a lot of interest.Editing could have been  better as there are length and boring scenes.  Back ground score is good and the technical values of production company are top notch.

Rating : 2.5/5