Movie : Prathi Roju Pandage
Director : Maruthi
Cast : Sai Dharam Tej,Rashi khanna,  Satya Raj, Rao Ramesh

Sai Dharam tej has amased a decent following among Telugu movie fans although he has faced many ups and downs in his career. His last movie Chitralahari was a decent hit and he his back again with a Family drama now.


Raghuramaiah lives in avillage near Rajahmundry.  He has three sons and one daughter,all of them living away from him with him living alone in the village. It is revealed he develops lung cancer and is going to live only a few weeks.

His songs and daghter ignore him becoming busy in their lives even after knowing this. His grand son Sai (Sai dharam Tej) travels to village with out informaing his father and what happens next becomes rest of the story.


First half of the story is filled with Maruthi style comedy and Sarcasm.Scenes involving Rao Ramesh are very hilarious. Love track between Sai and Rashi khanna is also narrated in a differentway  and evokes laughter.

Director has concentrated too much on comedy ( in which he has succeeded) and is low on emotional connect between characters . Overall ,it is a good one time watch for the coedy sequences and a decent family drama.

Thaman'songs and background score is good. Technical values of the movie are top notch.Camera work is good. Go watch the movie for a fun filled Weekend.

Review : 3.5/5