Sri Vishnu has a unique ability to pick movies with a different story which is the reason for the curiosity over his films. He got success with the recently released Brochevarevarura.This success raised expectations for this next movie 'Tippara Meesam'.

Mani ( Sri Vishnu) is a DJ. He becomes a drug addict at a youn age and is sent to a rehabiliation center. After coming out of it, he lives away from his mother (Rohini) and also develops animosity towards her. He continues to have drugs and indulges in betting and gets in to debt of 30 lakh with a cricket bookie.

He goes to his mother and asks formoney to which she gives only 5 lakh sayig she has no more money to  give. He commits forgeryon the cheque and files a case against his mother. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

This kind of story has to be narrated very well but the director's narration skill is not so good. There is only a twist at the end of the movie which also could seen coming from a mile away. Some scenes involving drugs could test the patience of the audience.

There is no emotional connect between mother and son characters. Sothe movie is low on emotional connect between characters. Only during the climax th ere is an intesting thing that Sri Vishnu does for his family.Director seems to have concentrated only  on the climax sequences.

Sri Vishnu does well in a character in a role with negative shade but the direction lets the movie down.

Rating : 2.5/5