Movie: Meeku maatrame chepta
Cast : Tarun bhaskar, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Abhinav Gomatam, Pavani Gangireddy

Tarun bhaskar who directed 'Pelli choopulu' with Vijay devarakonda has now played lead role in this movie produced by Vijay. Shammir Sultan is introduced as a director with this movie.

Rakesh(Tarun) and Kamesh (Abhinav) are friends. Story starts as a narration from Kamesh about an incident in his friend's Rakesh life. Both will be working as Video jockeys. They make a video known as 'Mattu vadalara Niddura mattu vadalara'. In this process Rakesh falls in love with Stefie and they both decide to get married.

Just hours before marriage, Video goes viral in social media.Rest of the story is about what problems it created for the marriage and how rakesh convinces her fiance about the emabarrasig video and their attempts to take down the video which actually results in increasing the views for the video.

Director took a small story line but was able to narrate it in a fun way with nicely written sequences one after the another genarting curiosity inthe audience. Seuquence of the lead actors trying to find the video uploader were written well.

Tarun Bhaskar's  acting is very natural and essayed the role in a competent way. Abhinav also did very well and shines inhilarious sequences. Stephie and Pavani did well in their limited roles. Anasuya did well in her cameo. Overall movie is good with classy hilarious moments.

Verdict : 3/5