Arjun Suravaram is a remake of 2016 Tamil movie Kanithan which released in 2016. After many delays Nikhil starrer Arjun Suravaram released world wide today.s this happened

Arjun played by Nikhil is very much interested in becoming a journalist as is the case in his family. Even after studying Engineering he joins a TV channel as a journalist and aspires to work for BBC. In this circumstances he gets arrested by police for cheating banks with out paying education loan.

He finds this happened because of mafia which is creating fake certificates. Rest of the story is how he handles the mafia and takes them to task.

Itis an investigative crime thriller and creates suspense , curiosity at every instance. Director has succeded in keeping the suspense element in tact in the narration. protagonists intelligent plans to bring out the individuals involved in the mafia are well conceived.

Nikhil did a good job as a jounalist and his performance in action sequences is also good. Lavanya appears as kavya and has acted  well as perthe scope of her character. Vennela kishore, Vidyullekha did well to provide some comic relief. Raja Ravindra is seen in a prominent role.

Production values of the movieare excellent. Go watch it this weekend.

Rating : 3/5