Cast : Avka Ghor, Ashwin babu, Brahmaji, Ali
Director :Omkar

Raju gari gadhi 3 is the third movie in the franchise Raju gaari gadhi. Omkar's attempt is create a horror comedy brand of Raju gaari gadhi after the success of the first movie.

Maya is a doctor. Any person who tries to harm her is pushed in to death like situation by a ghost protecting her. Ashwin is an auto driver who creates ruckus in the colony. people in the colony make him fall in love with Maya thinking the ghost would kill him. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Movie has an interesting back drop as the concept and manages bring in some laughs and thrills with teh horror at some points. Narration is slow in the first half going aim less. it is not until late second half movie gets in to the actual story. Flash back story of the ghost is good.

Comedy works well at many places and the director could have taken more care to make the first half entertaining as well.

Rating : 3/5