Cast : Aadi , Sasha Chetri, Anish Kuruvilla, Abburi Ravi, Krishnudu, Rao Ramesh
Music : Sricharan
Director : Sai kiran Adivi

Hero Aadhi acted in Burra katha and Jodi this year both of which failed to impress the audience and bombed at the box office. Aadi acts as a Commando in the latest flick Operation Gold fish. Movie is based on some incidents in kashmir in the 1980's and has the back drop of the terrorist activities.

It is based on ethnic cleansing of kashmiri pandits. Ghazi baba ( abburi ravi) is the leader of a terror module in Kashmir. Ghazi is arrested by Arjun (Aadi) during a visit to Bnagalore. Ghazi's accomplice Farooq plans to kidnap a central minister daughter to black mail and get Ghazi released. Whether farooq succeds in getting Ghazi released or Arjun succeds in preventing the kidnap forms the rest of the story.

Aadi plays a very serious role as Arjun pandit, a commando officer.  Role has better scope for acting than his previous films. Sasha chetri, the airtel girl is debuting with this movie and portrayed her role in an elegant way.

Although the story packs a punch, Narration falls flat at many places and there is not enough intelligence in poorly written sequences. Production values seem to have been comproised keeping in mind the budget.Back ground music is average and Songs seem to be misplaced.

Rating :2.5/5 . Could have been better.