Gopichand's new movie 'Chanakya' in which he acts as a RAW officer  has released world wide today. Gopichand started with Villain roles in tollywood and gradually gained attention as hero and now is one ofthe top tollywood heroes.

Arjun alias Ramakrishna is a bank employee working undercover as a RAW agent. Arjun works along with his team of another 4 members. This team is trying to capture a dreaded terrorist who is in karachi and is planning to attack India. At this point, Terrorists kidnap his teammembers and take them to karachi.  Ajun then travels to Karachi on a rescue mission and also tocapture terrorists.

Movie is a spythriller and the makers made good effort in capturing the nuances of RAW officers and their decision making process. Movie stars with an action episode and there after goes in to a not so interesting first half with some forcefullyinjected comedy scenes.

Director increases the pace of the movie in second half with the hero's attempts to rescue his team members. These attempts are not very well conceived and may not generate the intended interest in the audience.

Gopichand as a action hero does a good job. Better Direction and writing could have lifted the movie to a better level than it is. production values are good  and so is the back ground score. Makers have spent a bomb in filming the action sequences which is visible  on the screen and makes an Impact.

Overall movie suffers from unnecessary comedy tracks, lack of chemistry in the love track acting as a hindrance in the narration. 

A good one time watch.

Rating :2.5/5