Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valimiki released world wide today amid much expectations. Let us see if the movie reached expectations of audience.

Director : Harish Shankar

Casting : Varun Tej, Atharva, Pooja Hegde

Story Snapshot : 
Abhi played by Atharva is aspiring to become a director and wants to make a movie with a gangstar backgrop. He finds gaddalakonda Ganesh and tries to pen down happenings in his life to make a story out of it.

Does Abhi succed in making a story out of Ganesh' life and what happens to Ganesh himself in the process forms the crux of the story.


Varun tej as the menacing gangster has performed very well. His charcter is well written by harish shankar and treatment provided ghe minute details provides an authentic feel.

Ganesh is a dreaded don who rules and kills by fear and Atharva ,an aspiring film direcor is trying to make a story out of this life. These two characters and their journey is well written. Varuj tej emotes well both as a Gangster and also showcases great performance as the turnaround in the story happens in the second half.

Ayanka Bose cinematography succeeds in bringing the rawness required on secreen. Pooja hege does her part well.

Harish shankar has done a great job of protraying his characters well and extracting best out of them.

Verdict: 3.5/5